The Alaska Highway turns 75

Celebrate by driving the Alaska Highway this year and attending the many events being held in its honor. Before you go, take in the history of the highway's construction and see what awaits you with our interactive map of the route.

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Traveling from Alberta to Alaska via Yukon and the Alaska Highway offers visitors a stretch of road that travels through some of the world’s most wildly beautiful areas, filled with jaw- dropping scenery, wildlife sightings galore and historic communities that hold proudly to their frontier roots.

Embark from one of Canada’s largest cities and travel to some of the least populated places in North America, all while enjoying views of mountains, glaciers and wildlife. You will follow the trail of hopeful prospectors to the epicenter of the Klondike Gold Rush in Dawson City, Yukon.

Glide quietly past the dense spruce forests of the British Columbia coastline, and along the shores of Alaska’s Inside Passage. A fleet of ferries carries passengers and vehicles along what is known as a marine highway – an interconnected network of communities accessible by sea.