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Gold Rush Route

This route will take you from one of Canada’s largest cities to some of the least populated places in North America, all the while enjoying views dominated by coastal fjords, mountains, glaciers and wildlife. You will follow the trail of turn-of-the-century prospectors to the epicenter of the Klondike Gold Rush in Dawson City, Yukon, before crossing into Alaska and heading south to Anchorage.

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Whitehorse Blues All Stars at Frostbite Music Festival

Whitehorse Blues All Stars at Frostbite Music Festival

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      Planning Tip

      I'm traveling to Alaska, do you have any driving tips?

      The Alaska Highway is well-maintained. However, be aware that some areas are narrow and winding, and if you choose to travel the Cassiar Highway out of British Columbia, approximately 10 percent of this highway is still unpaved. Ongoing road maintenance in the summer months is almost a given.

      As with any kind of travel, being prepared is important. Make sure you have a general emergency kit with you, as well as a small can of extra gasoline.

      If you decide to travel in early spring or late fall, a set of chains is not a bad idea. Snow during these times of...

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